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Manzanillo, Mexico

Don’t run out of options for your upcoming vacations in Manzanillo, Mexico. Discover what to do and where to go in Manzanillo with Portozul Hotel Suites & Spa.

Known since 1957 as the Sailfish Capital of the World because of the numerous sailfish caught every year, Manzanillo amazes visitors with its diverse tourist offer. From fishing trips, visits to archaeological sites, museums, adventure activities and sunny days in Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, Manzanillo pretty much has it all.
It’s located 90 km south Colima, the state capital. Its location in the Pacific Coast and an annual average temperature that ranges from 78.8 to 89.6 °F make it a favorite beach destination in Mexico. One of the most famous beaches is La Audiencia Beach, in the Santiago Peninsula, with a depth of 12 meters that makes it the ideal choice to practice water sports, kayaking and even fishing.
An area you must visit is the Historical Center of Manzanillo, or Old Town. You can walk along its boardwalk, also called “Paseo del Espiritu Santo” and see the spectacular sculptures, among them the Sailfish, the Pescadora, the Cazadora de Estrellas, Lancha Piloto and others. In the Manzanillo Old Town you’ll also see the City Hall and the Museum of Perversity, which tries to make conscience about the importance of the Human Rights in Mexico through the exhibition of torture devices used through history.

What to Visit in Manzanillo, Mexico:

Beaches of Manzanillo:

Probably the most famous beaches of Manzanillo are La Audiencia and Miramar Beach. In them you’ll find several options of water sports and even horses for rent to enjoy a unique ride; La Boquita Beach and its small waves, Playa de Oro and Olas Altas are other important locations that will allow you enjoying days of sun and sand.

University Museum of Archaeology:

Manzanillo is also culture and knowledge. Visit the University Museum of Archaeology that exhibits around 1800 archaeological pieces in 5 halls. It also has a library specialized in the indigenous culture and a souvenirs shop. It opens Tuesday to Sunday.

Archaeological Sites:

The El Chanal and La Campana Archaeological Sites are two spots that any tourist and local can visit. El Chanal is 4 km north Colima and you can see ceremonial spaces, plazas, pyramids, altars and ball games; La Campana, northeast Colima, is a 132 hectare site with different buildings, a ball game, streets and even a drainage system.


20 minutes away from Manzanillo and 45 from Colima, in the municipality of Armeria, is Cuyutlan. Here you can visit the Turtle Sanctuary and learn a little about the species of turtle and even release the newborns in the beach. There’s also the Salt Museum, located in a salt warehouse. Cuyutlan gained fame for the “Green Wave”, an almost 20-meter high wave that destroyed the town in 1932.

Golf Courses:

Manzanillo has world-class golf courses, attracting hundreds of golfers, both amateurs and professional that try their luck and skills in golf courses of up to 72 holes. Because of this, the Golf Course in Isla Navidad, the Tamarindo, the Club Santiago and Las Hadas Golf Club set the standards for this sport.